by Tommy H. Thomason

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

See You at the 2016 IPMS National Convention?

I'll be hanging out there (see at the Kitty Hawk/Panda booth, tables 508/515/516. I'll have my books and monographs ( available for purchase and will also be happy to sign any that you have purchased elsewhere. There is a possibility that Glen will have test shots of the F2H-2 to fondle:

I'm also hoping to get a first look at the latest Detail and Scale digital publication:

Bert and Rock's table, 514, will be just around the corner.

On Friday, 5 August, at 1 PM, I'll be giving a presentation, Revolt of the Admirals, in Congaree A.

I hope to see you.


  1. yup, I'm coming there.

    I need to meet you, get your John Hancock on some stuff,,,,,,,,and see your seminar.

  2. I will also be traveling up from JAX. Love to meet you. You are my Navair go to guy.

  3. I cannot meet you for obvious reasons... But having already at hand the first book on the Banshee by Bert and Rock I can say it is a stunning piece of reference.

    Francesco Blasi, Italy