by Tommy H. Thomason

Friday, November 12, 2021

Grumman C-2A(R) Monograph Volume II by Boerries Burkhardt


If you have any interest in U.S. Naval Aviation, I recommend without hesitation that you buy this monograph. And I emphasize "without hesitation", because Burkhardt self-published it and only printed 200 copies. It hasn't been available long and I just received #124, so you will regret dilly-dallying.

Order here:

It is a large (8" x 12") landscape-printed soft-cover book filled with excellent, large, color images of C-2A(R)s printed on high-quality paper. Most of the 100 pages are devoted to pictures but there is text briefly describing the history of the program (some of which was new to me and that doesn't happen often now) and that of the handful of squadrons that operated the Greyhound. Of particular interest to modelers will be the walk-around section providing closeups of interior and exterior details.

I was momentarily concerned that I had missed Volume I but it turns out to be a work in progress. This one primarily covers the second production lot of C-2As (the R stands for Reprocured; one wonders why, given the number of changes and improvements, that it was not simply designate C-2B). Volume I will cover the first production lot. I look forward to it.