by Tommy H. Thomason

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Things Under Wings - Before Douglas High-Speed External Tanks

 I've updated my post on the 150 and 300-gallon tanks in use before the introduction of the Douglas high-speed tanks thanks to research by David Collier. See


  1. Are the drop tanks included in some F4U kits supposed to be the 150 gal tank, or are those tanks unique to the Corsair?


    1. I'm pretty sure that this is the 150-gallon tank carried by the F4U-4 and that this was the standard tank after the war. Whether the kit makers got it right is a good question, which is why David Collier went to the trouble of finding tanks that he could measure. The Corsair and other airplanes carried tanks of different shapes and capacities in World War II, another research project.