by Tommy H. Thomason

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Things Under Wings - Douglas Low-Drag External Tanks

I've provided illustrations of the various Douglas low-drag external tanks here:

and a survey of 1/72 scale tanks in various kits here:

Freightdog ( is now producing 1/72 150-gallon and 300-gallon (finned and bobtailed) Douglas external tanks as well as the D-704 refueling pod. Colin sent me samples and they look really good, both size and finish. Note the separate and finely molded turbine on the D-704:
(Note that the jettison pipe is on the bottom of the tank.)

Pablo Ziegle called my attention to another 1/72 option for 300-gallon tanks from Attack Squadron in Poland.

Hannants is listing them ( Each set includes three tanks and the fin options for each. Pablo is awaiting a set so he wasn't able to comment on the accuracy or quality.

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