by Tommy H. Thomason

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

McDonnell F4H-1F/F-4A Phantom II

My next monograph is at the printer and is projected to be shipping to direct purchasers and distributors in mid-December. For more, see

I recommend that you order directly from Steve Ginter (his margin will be significantly greater than from sales to distributors, enabling him to continue to publish monographs on esoteric subjects that the big publishers won't consider):

This new monograph details the configuration of each of the first 47 Phantom IIs. As is customary for Ginter monographs, it includes a model kit section. These have only been a few for the early Phantom IIs and most are out of production. By happy coincidence, a new 1/48th conversion from Brigade for the first Phantom II, BuNo 142259, will be available from Hannants shortly. See

While the conversion parts and decals are for the first F4H-1, it provides the basis for the remainder of the first 47 Phantom IIs and the Cutting Edge decal sheet for the development F4Hs is still available. See


  1. Congratulations for finally getting it all compiled and together, Tommy. I've been anticipating what will undoubtedly be the most authoritative description of the early Phantom's evolution for a while, and hope to be settling down on Christmas Day for a very enjoyable read.

  2. Any chance we might see Ginter's Books on digital platform(s) some day ?
    D&S have gone that way

  3. Tommy, I will be sending Steve payment for your book today. I'm really looking forward to it. I know it's a lost cause but I wish Dave Klaus would lower the price of his early Phantom decal set or break it up into smaller sets. I looked at the photos of the Brigade Models resin, not too sure I want to take the plunge. Would like to see better photos before. I do have the Falcon vac conversion for the Hasegawa F-4. I'm not all that sure about the nose shape. I suspect no one will ever do a complete kit or a IM plastic conversion set like DACO di for the F-104. Regardless, looking forward to your book.