by Tommy H. Thomason

Saturday, May 31, 2014

27 Charlie

Hancock Deploying, 2 August 1969:
William T. Larkins

Steve Govus was on the flight deck of Hancock during its 1969/1970 deployment to the waters off Vietnam. Not only that, but he took pictures. For his first-hand description of the experience,  I recommend that you take a look at

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  1. someone needs to tell carrier historians that "27C" didn't mean angled deck, that was SCB-125

    there were 3 carriers updated to straight deck SCB-27C before any angled deck -125/27C got built (and they deployed multiple times as straight decked 27Cs)

    also, the SCB-27A+SCB-125 carriers were updated and used as CVAs before being downgraded to CVSs as the Angled -27Cs came into service (the A's weren't sent right to CVS duty as said in that article)