by Tommy H. Thomason

Thursday, November 29, 2012

F-4 Radome Redux

Thanks to Craig Kaston, we have a good view of the cross section of the F-4 fuselage at the parting line between the radome and the fuselage:
Crop of a Craig Kaston photograph of a QF-4S+ forward fuselage

Note the obvious flattening at the top of the parting line.

And the area between the windscreen and the parting line where the rain removal ducts are located is really flat:
 Craig Kaston photograph of the YF-4J now at China Lake

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  1. I thought you might be interested in this as a comparison cross section for the small radome F4H-1. The only information I have about it is it was at Mustin Fileld, Philadelphia. If you know it already and the BuNo, that would be great!