by Tommy H. Thomason

Sunday, February 27, 2022

SUNDOWNER Phantoms by Angelo Romano with Michael Grove

The full title says it all:

It's a good synopsis of 68 pages of text and high-resolution color photos on heavyweight gloss paper.

It also includes a brief history of VF-111 going back to October 1942 when its predecessor, VF-11, was established and the origination of its name and insignia that alluded to its purpose, helping win WW II in the Pacific.

The remainder of the large, landscape-format paperback is devoted to a fairly well detailed, extremely well illustrated history of the squadron's operational history flying the F-4 Phantom. It includes a listing of Bureau Numbers assigned (and summary history), their tail codes and side numbers, large color photos of almost every one at some point in its assignment to the squadron, notable configuration changes, and marking changes over time with closeup pictures of significant ones.

It concludes with a multi-view (top and bottom, left and right side) color illustration of the paint and makings of F-4B BuNo 153019 after its crew had shot down a NVAF MiG-17 on 6 March 1972, including color and marking specifications.

Although billed as a modellers' guide, the text includes a summary history of both the squadron's operations and world events when it was assigned Phantoms.

One picture of a Sundowner F-14 is included along with the promise, "The history of the SUNDOWNERS and the F-14 , from 1978 through 1995, will be the subject of a future book in this series".

For more detail on the configuration differences among the F-4s, see

I urge you to buy this monograph directly from Fly Shop if you can, which benefits Angelo more financially, enabling him to continue to research and produce his excellent books on U.S. naval aviation.

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