by Tommy H. Thomason

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Complete F-111B Updated

I've just updated my original "The Complete F-111B" post to provide links to recent posts. See


  1. You probably have this but in case you don't:

    1. Thanks for the heads-up. I do have it. What I need is a copy of the U.S. Navy report documenting the trials aboard Coral Sea. I've only got bits and pieces from other reports that quote or refer to some parts of it.

  2. There a couple of videos of F-111B testing posted on YouTube that you may find interesting (if you haven't seen them already):

    1) F-111B Carrier Suitability Tests--Grumman film of land-based carrier suitability testing ~5 minutes

    2) F-111B US Navy Carrier Trials--General Dynamics film of carrier trials aboard USS Coral Sea 23-24 July 1968 ~15 minutes

    Hope this information is helpful.