by Tommy H. Thomason

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Planet 1/72 XF10F

The Westinghouse J40's only victim was the ambitious Grumman XF10F Jaguar (the other programs using the J40 managed to transition to other engines in its place*) with a variable sweep wing**:

I had published a few notes on the Planet 1/72 kit on my draft Tailhook Topics website:

Navy Bird over on Britmodeler perservered where I hadn't and did the kit justice. His build series:

This is a picture of Navy Bird's finished model:

For more finished pictures of, and notes on, his excellent model are here:

*For more on the Westinghouse engine saga, see

** For more on the XF10F program, see and or better yet, buy my book on U.S. Navy jet fighter development:

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