by Tommy H. Thomason

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

McDonnell F4H-1 #1 Conversion

John Rieley's conversion of the Fujimi 1/72  RF-4B:
 Photo by John Rieley

For a summary build article, see

For my original post on the first 47 Phantom IIs, see


  1. Tommy,

    Did you ever consider a monograph on the First Phantoms? I, for one, would find it fascinating.

    1. It's in work for Ginter (and has been for about five or ten years...)

  2. he's going to want to change the title of the thread, haha (my 1/72 XF4U-1 looks a lottttt different than his)

    geez, that is a good looking aircraft without all the "stuff" hanging down from it that got added later on, and without the broken nose

    I hope I get Sageburner built before he gets to it, otherwise there won't be much reason to build her (because his will look so much better than mine)