by Tommy H. Thomason

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How badly do you want to build an injection-molded North American FJ-2 or FJ-3 Fury?

To some, an accurate injection-molded kit of the FJ-2 or FJ-3 is number one on their wish list.

 If you are tired of waiting, there are alternatives. For a couple of options in 1/48th scale, see (it also suggests an FJ-4 kit as a starting point).

For more background and details on the Furies as well as resin and vacuform options in 1/72nd and 1/48th, see:


  1. Very, very badly. So badly, in fact, that I bought a Collect-Aire one. It remains, partly finished on the "Shelf of Doom" (actually that should be one of my Shelves of Doom, given my record for completions).The ESCI canopy fits it perfectly - need I say more?

  2. I'd love an injection molded FJ-3/3M Fury. They were in the fleet long enough to get some colorful & interesting markings for both USN & USMC squadrons.
    RJ Tucker

  3. Dear Sir,

    I'm following your excellent blog very closely. Thank you very much for your research and insight into the matters of Naval Aviation that are of great interest to me.

    May I also share some information with you?
    Here is my review of the RVHP's FJ-3M model kit:
    It shows detailed photos of the kit's parts that could help to understand the degree of its accuracy.

    I personally would very much like to have an accurate FJ-3 in the 1/72 scale, regardless of the medium (resin or plastic - doesn't matter to me, if the kit is accurate and well detailed).

    Best regards,

    1. Alex,

      Thanks very much for the link to your review. I've also added it to a prior Fury post where I mention the RVHP kit.

  4. Would love to see an injected FJ-3!