by Tommy H. Thomason

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Trumpeter 1/48 A3D Skywarrior Yet Again

As the previous post states, I haven't seen the kit first hand. I have read comments about the engine nacelle not looking "right". However, it wasn't until I saw the pictures in this detailed and well illustrated build thread that a possible problem became apparent:

It's hard to tell from a photo of a model, but it looks like the slight bulge downward of the engine inlet and nacelle have not been properly represented. The J57 engines had their accessories mounted on the bottom of the engine, requiring the cowling to not be symmetrical around the centerline of the engine.

The inlet lip itself is not quite circular, being deeper than the width and a bit more round (bigger diameter) at the top than at the bottom:

Another frequently mentioned observation about the recently issued Trumpeter KA-3B kit is that the refueling drogue is far too big for 1/48 scale. Here is a picture of a Skywarrior with a partially streamed drogue for reference.
The actual drogue is variously reported as being 24" and 30" in diameter when streamed.

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