by Tommy H. Thomason

Sunday, January 27, 2013

All You Ever Wanted to Know About the F7U-1 Cutlass

Almost all of it is in my monograph, published by Steve Ginter late last year:

I say "almost all"  because as usual, somebody finds something new to me after I reluctantly declare victory and turn in the manuscript and illustrations. In this case, it was Rick Koehnen. See:

For reviews, but not to buy it, see Amazon: For some reason, Amason is not offering it at present. However, it is available from Sprue Brothers (, Specialty Press (, and the publisher, Steve Ginter. (For this monograph and many more, see his web page:


  1. Whew I thought it was me yet again. Great book I have really enjoyed reading it.


  2. Thanks for publishing. I really appreciate it.